Locksmith Lion providing FULL locksmith services in Cape Coral, FL. delivering Highest customer service to our valued customers. Our qualified, licensed and experienced locksmiths have the latest locksmith equipment to provide quick, reliable and professional locksmith service in the Cape Coral FL area and nearby.

We also provide 24/7 emergency locksmith service all year round no matter where or when you need us.


Most people have the need to contact locksmiths in Cape Coral FL for many different reasons. Here are some common reasons why you may find yourself calling a locksmith to your help:

  • Lock out – if you lose your keys and get locked out of your home, car or workplace, it may be difficult getting access back by yourself. Your mind could probably be thinking of all the many ways that you can get back into your home. When all tricks and tips that you know have failed, call a locksmith Lion today to help you get back into your home, car or business without destroying your property or locks.


  • Broken keys – Keys sometimes get broken when you’re trying to open your home, office or car. Once you find yourself in this situation, the best solution is to call a locksmith to help you fix it by making another key or replacing the lock for you.


  • Moving into a new apartment or business – Getting a new home or office space can be exciting and you might want to get settled in as quickly as possible. However, when you move into a new place, it is advisable that you chance all the keys. You don’t have to buy new locks. You can simply re-key the locks to ensure that no outsider has old keys for access or in a case where the locks are not good in the first place, you can replace the locks completely to more secure ones.


  • Lost keys – It is possible that you lose your house key or an employee loses the store key, leaving you locked out of our home or business. If your key has a tag with your identifying information, this could leave you vulnerable to thieves and vandals. For lost keys, call a locksmith Lion in Cape Coral FL to help you re-key the lock which is a cheap, safe options when compared to changing the entire lock completely.

Locked out of your car or keys in trunk in Cape Coral? Give us a call at 239-223-8907 we will get you back on road In no time.

lost your car keys?

We make car keys for almost any car. We provide car keys 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We can recover a key even if you do not have any key, with our fast response and the BEST customer service.

Car key duplication

In need for a extra key to your car? We duplicate Automotive keys + we program the key to your vehicle.

Auto key extraction

Your keys got broken inside the car door lock or ignition? We extract broken key and make a new one if needed.

Keyless fobs

At Locksmith Lion Fort Myers We provide and program Push To Start fobs at any location in SW-FL.

Residential Locksmith Cape Coral

Locked out of your house? We can help! With our fast, experience and knowledgeable technicians at any location you need our services, we will unlock your home in few minutes and get you back inside your home.

Need a lock change?

Bought new home? Or just move to new place? Someone mat have a key to your house? It is important to change your locks to make sure no one can access your home. Home its the place we feel safe at and we should keep it always 100% secure.

Lock Rekey

Lock rekeying is Fast, Low cost, and same lock so no changes need to be made.  What is lock rekeying? Rekey of a lock means changing the lock inside parts (pins) that will prevent old from operating the lock anymore.

Master lock rekey

At locksmith lion fort myers we do master rekeying for residential and commercial locks. 

There are 2 types of master Rekey.

  1. Multiple locks on 1 key.
  1. Multiple locks on one key and each lock will have 1 unique key that open only the one lock it made for.

Fresh lock installation

Some doors doesn’t feel secure enough for you, so there is great solution for that to add new deadbolt installation. Deadbolt will secure your home door again.

Lock repair

We repair locks, changing parts in the lock if broken. Making sure to get your lock repaired with the low is cost that possible.

High security locks.

High security is awesome solution for all your security needs. High security is: Very hard to pick (or even not possible) even for experience locksmith. Have anti drill protection, kicking the door won’t be easy either. So high security it’s the way to secure your home.

Keyless / smart locks

At locksmith Lion we provide smart / keyless locks. Locks you can change combinations and unlock and lock your home from everywhere with your smartphone. We use the best locks in the industry to make sure your lock will work for years with no issues.

Sliding glass door locks

Sliding doors are the first place burgers checking and trying to break into a house that is why its important to secure it more then your front door lock. We can install many types of sliding door lock to make it easy to use and more important secure.

Mailbox locks replace

Lost your mailbox key? At Locksmith lion we change mail box locks and provide you new keys. If your lost the key and need replacement call us anytime at 239-223-8907

At locksmith lion we know that sometimes you get locked out at night time or find out that someone have a key to your house. Whether is a day or night we always available to help.

For Car, House or Business you need locksmith services give us a call 24 hours at 239-223-8907


Locksmith Lion is to be the leading provider of locksmith and security assistance in Cape Coral FL. We provide quality and reliable locksmith services that clients have found trustworthy over the years. These values are what make us the locksmith of choice in Cape Coral and Fort Myers.

Here are some reasons why we are the best at what we do.

  • Security – Our job is to make you feel safe in your home or business. It is never a good experience to be locked out of your own home and we do everything we can to be at your location as quickly as possible with quality tools to get you back into your home
  • Professional – Our technicians are qualified, licensed and experienced to solve all your lock problems quickly and professionally
  • Manufacturer’s warranty – we only use certified original manufacturer parts for your repairs and maintenance and will assist you to get a replacement at no extra cost. All our services are covered so you have peace of mind at all times
  • Security check – we offer security checks on your home and office and advise you on the state of your locks, keys and security measures and how you can make the most out of them. These come without any obligation
  • Reliable – You can count on Locksmiths Lion in Cape Coral FL to always deliver excellent services to you at all times. No hidden charges or cancelled appointments. We always come to your help as soon as you call us!
  • Affordable – You can be rest assured that our services are competitively priced to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money at all times. We never charge you more than what you are meant to pay. Our locksmiths will also advise you on how best to save money during your appointment.

Call us today: (239) 223-8907

Locksmith Lion in Cape Coral FL provides 24/7 emergency locksmith services to help you with any lockout at home or work. Call us today for a free consultation.

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